M Y    W O R K S

I was not joking when I said I did try to write my own book. At this moment in time, I don’t really know what to think about it. I just happen to wonder all of the time how authors write books in such a time limit when I get a really bad case of writers block and have to start over on a chapter, because it turned out really crappy. Anyway, here’s just a list of some of my masterpieces. I love them all lol, and I spent so much time on them. Hope you enjoy them!

– { rin }

TITLE: Into the Woods
Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


Grandmother always told me to never go into the woods. Never alone. She said it was dangerous and deadly and that something bad would happen. She insisted that I focus on school and being a proper lady who always went the safe longer way home. I was late and I knew she would be waiting for me at home, so I took the other way. The shorter way, into the woods. Dark and compelling, the woods became my addiction. And slowly, it became part of me.

copyright 2015



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