Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Topics 

Top Ten Tuesday (uc)Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They come up with a new topic for every week!

For todays Top Ten Tuesday, I have decided that since I have not quite done enough topics to really choose my favorites, I will just pick ten topics that I wish I had taken part in. After goong through the list, I realized that there were too many topics I had missed!

1. Top Ten Unusual Character names that we’ve encountered in books.

I love coming up with new and unique names for the characters that I wrote about and I also enjoy reading and being inspired by other specisl names that I encounter within books. It’s just a refreshing feeling to know that the name you chose or read feels special to you and will leave a mark in you. Just make sure you make up your mind on how exactly to spell it! ;D

2. Top Ten Words/topics that will make you NOT pick up a book.

I think that me myself am very picky when it comes to reading a book. I will toss and turn and dream of a certain topic I eish I could read in a book. I will walk away if The topic is something that I think would bore me or could be a sensitive topic.

3. Top Ten Books I HAD to buy, but still have not read.

I buy A LOT of books, because I felt that I jist HAD to have it. Then, after months, I realize that I have not read the books I once said that HAD to get my hands on! I now award myself a *facepalm* for my behavior!  

4. Top Ten Best/Worst series endings.

I tend to flip back and/or reread the ending of books. Sometimes because I love them so much, snd sometimes , because I was so shocked at how the novel ended that I had to reread it to make sure that I wasn’t just seeing strange thing! If I hate an ending, I will rage on for some time depending on how much I enjoyes the book. 

Q5. Top Ten Covers We Wish We could Redesign.

This is a major problem in my mind. When I love a book, I would always prefer to have a beautiful cover to match its story.

6. Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines.

I really really love reading about badass women who can kick ass! It’s just something I can’t resist doing!

7. Top Ten Favorite Covers.

A beautiful cover is the way into my heart. Scanning covers is how I choose a book–and then I read the synopsis.

8. Top Ten Books I’d give a Theme Song to.

Music & Books are my atmost important aspects in my life. I know for sure that there is no way I could live without either.

9. Top Ten Books to Read During Halloween.

For those of you who don’t know, my favorite holiday is Halloween! Yes, all the scary things and creepy things hanging around are something that I actually like! I do get scared, but that’s the fun part about it!

10. Top Ten Romances that You Would Last in the Real World.

Even if my books almost never consist of romances, my fanfiction is filled with numerous romances and couples that I ship very hard! Romance may not be the main topic within the books that I read, but it sure as hell has to have its own place within my stories.

LinePlease excuse the horrible formatting of this post! I had to write it on my phone due to not being home the entire day! I’m sorry! Once I get home I’ll add in the graphics! 

Thoughts? Share and Comment below!



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