Top 5 Series/Trilogies/Dualogy that I MUST Finish!

The past couple of weeks have been horrible for me. Days sucked until no end and school was like a personal hell. AND state testing has been going on and that is really really stressful.
 Taking tests on laptops are the worst types of test out there. I just haven’t been at the top of my game these past few weeks.

Anyway away from my complaining— Here are the Top 5 Series/Trilogies  that I MUST MUST MUST Finish:

Please excuse my bad photography skills. That’s why I’m a book blogger and not a photographer! Anyway, I decided that I really wanted to take picture, so I agreed with myself (crazy much?) about putting there lovely (LIES) pictures into today’s post. These are all intriguing and excellent reads. I’m not the greatest fan of contemporary, but from time to time a contemporary novel tends to blow me away. These series are made up of Fantasy, Dystopia, Science Fiction, and Paranormal. I also NEVER read book about vampire and werewolves. I tend to stick to witches and fairies. And for the sake of my sanity I will include gifs in this post.



I devoured this book in two days. There was not a second where I was bored or lost my train of thought and drifted into another world. My thoughts can not even express my feelings right now. I heard about this book from Benjaminoftomes on Youtube. It was definitely a must read back then and is still a must read right now. With this fast moving, entertaining, and incredible book you sure as hell will never forget about it.

Recommend?  Absolutely!

The second book The Death Code is out and ready to read! Score for me!

THE WITCH HUNTER ] Michelle Krys


One thing I liked about it: It was loving and very minimal on the aspects that other paranormal books carry that makes them unlikeable. There was action, magic, and just the right amount of fluff and love.

One thing I didn’t like about it:
Nothing! HA! I fooled ya!

Recommend?  Uh Huh

The second book Charmed will be published on May 26, 2015!

CONVENANT SERIES ] Jennifer L. Arentrout


I really enjoyed this book. The paranormal mix, action, and forbidden love was gravitationally delightful. I pretty much jumped on this wagon a bit late though. There is currently about five books in the series that are out and I haven’t even read book two yet, because I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY BOOKS ANYTIME SOON! (Screaming on the inside).

Recommend? Most Definitely

REBOOT ] Amy Tintera


YES, YES, YES all in a straight row. I just picked this book up, because it seemed interesting. It turned out to be a pretty swell book with this amazing plot and characters. So yes, a series I HAVE to finish!

Recommend?  YA YA YA


The picture that I took did not go through. I only read the ARC of The Young Elites, but it was beautiful. A haunted girl with powers that she can’t control. She is dark and the whole story has a dark take to it.

Recommend?  Hell YES

LineHave you read any of these books/series/Trilogies/Dualogies? Share and Comment below!



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