Inside & Out Book Tag!

Hi guys! So this is my first book tag and I guess I’ just really nervous, because I might screw this up big time. I thought this book tag was really cool and interesting so I decided to give it a shot. The tag was originally created by MathomBooks on YouTube.

I | Inside flap / Back of the book summaries: Too much info? Or not enough?

Well, they pretty much do. I think they don’t put too much, but they also don’t put not enough. I think they are really entertaining to read. I mean it just excites me and gives some things to look forward to in the story. There are those time where the information that was given was kind of misleading. I could say that those are definitely annoying and maddening at the same time.

N | New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest: audio book, e-book, paperback, or hardcover?

Hardcover. I would always wish for a paperback when I want to read it, but after I’m done reading, I tend to regret that choice and wish I picked up the hardcover version. Come on, let’s be real here. Hardcover books are pretty (and more durable). I tend to be very picky when it comes to how my book looks. I am so careful about the way I hold it around school and where I place it at home. I often find myself “trying” emphasize on “trying”, to flat out folds on a daily basis. I find it super hard to believe that a page or my cover folded.

BTW Not my picture 😀 Thank the people on the internet
S | Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in your books, taking notes, making comments, or do you keep your books clean clean clean? (Tell us why)

NO NO NO WAY IN HELL!! I am NEVER going to write on my book. There is this new invention called the pencil and paper that I would use if I ever feel like scribbling. I would be furious with someone else if they ever wrote on my book and I would be mad at myself, because I wrote on my book or I turned my back long enough for someone else to write on it.

I | In your best voice, read for us your favorite first sentence from a book.

Excuse me if I fail lol. *cough* *cough*

Says in a dramatic voice.

I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.

D | Does it matter to you whether the author is male or female when you’re deciding on a book? What if you’re unsure of the author’s gender?

Never. It has never been and never will be an issue. I don’t really care if the main protagonist is a male or a female. I just base the book on how good the reviews are and how interesting the synopsis is. If I have no idea what the gender is, then when I find out what the gender is, I would not care whatsoever.

E | Ever read ahead? Or have you ever read the last page way before you got there?

Only on fan fiction due to the fact, because my body naturally tries to protect itself from pain. I just hate it when fan fiction has a bad ending. I never read ahead in a book, because I feel that it would bring the emotion out of me way too soon. If I read the best or saddest parts at the right time, then wave of emotions just flash through me. When I already have an idea of what might happen, things just happen to be emotionless, like I already knew what would happen.

O | Organized bookshelves, or outrageous bookshelves?

It is always organized. I could not live if my bookshelf was not organized. In fact, I still haven’t figured out the best way to organize it. I currently just have it stacked by series. I thought about arranging it by color, but I really didn’t want to separate any series.

BTW Not my picture 😀 Thank the people on the internet
U | Under oath: have you ever bought a book based on the cover (alone)?

I am guilty of this, but I am not going to say that I haven’t. I look at beautiful covers and  my mind automatically thinks that it would be a pretty good story. I can never say no to a beautiful cover and an interesting synopsis.

Oops! My bad!
T | Take it outside to read, or stay in?

Take it outside and stay in. I would definitely do both of them. Im not picky about that and I try to use my time well.

LineWhat do you think? Would you try out this tag yourself?



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