Mini Hiatus

Hey guys! Hope you’re  having a great spring break so far! I apologize for removing some posts and not blogging for some time. I know most of you are on spring break and I just find that I am pretty busy this whole week. I promise I will continue blogging shortly. I am officially on hiatus starting on Wednesday afternoon on April 1, 2015 (btw it’s also April Fools Day). I already know what I am planning to do once I get back. I just need some time to sort some things out.

Note that there is a chance that I might release one random review or post throughout the hiatus. It may be something that I am currently working on and am almost done with.

Posts to Look Forward to:

  • Review on Some Boys by Patty Blount
  • Insurgent Movie Review
  • I might try to do something Harry Potter this week to make it different
  • A book tag (maybe?)
  • April TBR and a look on what I completed in March.
  • An ARC Review [x]

I will probably be back and running by next Monday. See ya guys later! Have a good spring break (if your on it)!

Farewell for now!



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