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I love book blogging, but there is just something missing. I have always wanted to incorporate inspirational posts into the mix and this is my start at it.

All words spoken in this post are mine. Everyone is given the right to express themselves through their voice and through the words on a paper. My thoughts and feelings are uncontrollable, so please leave them be.

-Topic: My Biggest Annoyance- 3/14/15

Now, I am one of those people who have no patience whatsoever and gets annoyed by many things. There is just one things that really goes under my skin. It’s not a stupid reason, that I know of, but I could really act like a total bitch if this ever comes up.

To finally reveal it, my greatest annoyance is when someone can not fight and/or stand up for themselves or what they believe in.

Through the years, I have always wondered why this reason has always ticked me off. It wasn’t until recently, that I finally realized why. Ever since I was able to understand what was happening around me, I had already begun fighting for myself. It was always the small gestures that affected the most. Many people are fighting. Not physically, but mentally. They’re fighting against their mind, their feelings, their thoughts, and the tight hold that society has on them.

The thoughts of other people hurt, because it can be expressed in words. Words that have more than a billion different outcomes. People can pull out a thought and create it into something worse by striking what hurts most, what other people think and feel.

I realized that it angers me so much when people can not fight, because I am still fighting myself. In fact, all of us are fighting. If words in a book can get us to cry, then how would it feel when those words were not only directed to a person and not for all. I know that even though I am in battle, I would choose differently. I would stand up and fight no matter what. I would fight for myself and for the people around me. Some people get called disgusting, because they choose to express their opinion on things, and it may not be the best view on the item, but it is their opinion and they have a right to state it.

I have realized many things over the years, I have fallen so many time, and I have viewed things in the darkest ways possible, but we are all healing, we are all fighting and that makes us all warriors. No matter the price of it.

Read, listen, learn, Beyond the Pages.

– { thank you }

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