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I love book blogging, but there is just something missing. I have always wanted to incorporate inspirational posts into the mix and this is my start at it.

All words spoken in this post are mine. Everyone is given the right to express themselves through their voice and through the words on a paper. My thoughts and feelings areĀ uncontrollable, so please leave them be.

-Topic: My Prince Charming- 3/7/15

I always hear girls in my school who talk about boys and their crushes all of the time. The most popular set of gossip happens to be about couples. If they get together, if they break up, if they like each other. I know people who do not talk about anything but their crush. I just do not see why some people have to center their whole life on a guy. Everyone has their whole life ahead of them and if they just sit around and wait for a guy to walk up to them and sweep them off their feet, then they will never reach the extent of their future, of their dreams.

I have a confession to make. I am a hopeless romantic. Of course I know that one day, there will be a guy out there that I will love–though for now, I am going to stick with the serious relationship that I have with my computer. By the way, his name is Noah. I am not going to lie when I say that I want someone to be there one day, but I’m not going to sit around and wait for him until he appears. I am going to strive for my dreams and my life before I concern myself with who I am going to marry and love for the rest of my life.

Every girl deserves to be a princess. But the truth is, every girl is a princess. It doesn’t matter if you found your prince yet. All that matters is that you love yourself enough to ignore the fact that you have a prince somewhere out there. Don’t spend your whole life waiting for someone to woo you, if you have not wooed yourself. The love that you will get in the future has no value if you do not acknowledge the love you are receiving right now in the present.

We don’t need a prince to be a princess, we don’t need a crown to be royalty. What matters is how we view ourselves, because even if we turn the world around, it doesn’t change the fact that we all matter. We are all special, we are all unique in our own way. Flourish in the love and life that you have right now. The future has not yet come and the present can not be changed.

Read, listen, learn, beyond the pages.

– { thank you }

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