My Book Playlist: Music & Books | Week One

B O O K   P L A Y L I S T   |   W E E K   O N E

Okay, I can not believe I’m actually doing this. It’s nerve wracking sharing my music choices with a bunch of other people, but here we are. A playlist of 10 amazing songs that are altimeter companions to the best books!

1 ] Anna Sun – Walk the Moon
2 ]
Let It Go – The Neighborhood
I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
Let the Flames Begin – Paramore
The Edge – Tonight Alive
Yellow Flicker Beat – Lorde
What Are You So Scared Of? – Tonight Alive
Flaws – Bastille
Youth – Foxes
Dreaming Alone – Against the Current

+ Whenever I listen to these songs, they give me inspiration while reminding me of certain books (if you know what I mean). Hope you guys check these tracks out sometime, they’re hella rad. Lol, I just went all 80’s–I think.

What songs give you inspiration? What songs remind you of certain books? Share and Comment Below!



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